From Ego to Eco

“The coherence of thinking, feeling, speaking and doing is the key that relocates the human as a living, focused, organized and specialized system, immersed in a larger system. ” (Gino Ferri)

We have already passed or are on the verge of breaking through a number of critical planetary boundaries – the systems that allow life on Earth. There is an urgent need to perceive ourselves as part of an Intelligent System, and not the Intelligent System.

In this “new era”, the realignment of human dynamics takes us in a new direction – from EGO to ECO.

Well, the EGO period taught us a lot, in the traction and tension between its dualities. In the light, it contained our dilution as a species and favored self-knowledge and accelerated development. On the other hand, in the shadows, we have a complete lack of notion about healthy limits in relationships, in dealing with those who interrelate and nourish themselves, letting the imbalance prevail, always in our favor.

The ECO direction arrived, along with a deep reflection on the inconsistencies of the EGO. Bringing with it the need as a trigger, so that we can put into practice what we learn as I Individual: a real summons to act in the I COMMUNITY.

A new chance driven by the generosity of LIFE.

#regenerative entrepreneurship


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